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Manage project issues and defects on the cloud using Rawfor for Construction Professionals, Facility Managers, and Real Estate agents.
Collaborate and resolve construction issues and defects in real time
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Facilities management
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The smartest way to resolve and manage issues

Facilities and Construction managers know how hard it is to collaborate with maintenance crew or various trades when something needs to be fixed or rectified. Rawfor makes the process easy and efficient.

Everyone in one place!

Have your project members all on one platform and get rid of emails, phone calls, and endless chasing.

One-click customised reports

Get statistics and reports directly from your project dashboard, and customise them per date, status, and details.

Secure cloud based platform

Access and manage your project data anywhere and anytime with our secure cloud-based platform.

Unlimited users, Unlimited data

Give all your stakeholders controlled access to project data. We support unlimited data and unlimited number of users with no hidden fees.

Push Notifications

Notify your project trades/maintenance crew the moment you create a new issue.

Set due dates and reminders

Set due dates when creating issues and make sure it’s done on time.

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Smart tools built for your industry

We work with developers, contractors, project managers, and facilities managers to resolve issues using technology.


Find out how Rawfor adds value to developers, builders, consultants and contractors


Facilities Management

Find out how Rawfor adds value to building managers, real-estate agents, property settlement agents, and property managers


Cloud based platform: Powerful yet simple!

Pin issues on unit plan

Communicate project issues with clarity by linking data with visuals. Rawfor will automatically present the correct unit plan based on the data you entered, so you can pin the location of issues with precision and share information with clarity.

Smart auto-suggest

Save time with smart auto-suggest. Our intelligence engine will suggest input to fields based your project criteria and industry data analytics.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Use Rawfor across web and mobile seamlessly with single sign-on: a single set of credentials per user to access all platform features.

Work offline

Access Rawfor from any mobile device without network coverage. Work on construction sites without limits and sync data automatically the next time you are connected to Wifi or cellular data.

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