Builders and Contractors

Builders know how hard it is to collaborate with maintenance crew or various trades when something needs to be fixed or rectified. Rawfor makes the process easy and efficient.

What is Task Automation?

The smartest way to assign tasks and close site issues. Create a task on Rawfor and our automation software will suggest tasks description, and push these tasks to the correct trades and contractors for action.

From Start to finish

Make sure work is getting done across your multiple projects, assign tasks to your team, Subcontractors and certifiers, all by your phone.

We help you get things done

An array of features to talk about

Huge Time Saver

Save an average of 7 Hrs/ Week per each user creating and managing tasks.

Connect Everyone

From workers on the tools to project managers in the site shed: Rawfor brings everyone on one platform

Staff Resourcing

We help you automate task management so your staff can focus on doing other things

Reporting Made easy

Create reports in second filtered per location, trade, date and status.

Rawfor Free, forever

Rawfor will get you back the precious time wasted on chasing subcontractors, making sure work is done and closing the job


Supervise multiple projects on your phone

You know how busy you are managing multiple projects on different locations! get them on your phone now and end the hassle.


Key Features

Rawfor is packed with features to get your tasks done faster

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