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Rawfor is a platform that allows users within to create & manage Tasks within specified project, based on customised roles that ensures the completion of the work.

Rawfor platform consist of two categories of users:

1. Project owner & Inspector view: users in that view have the capability to create, manage and close Tasks within the project, as well as record, access and export reports for all defects data recorded on the project.

2. Trade View: users in this view have the capability to take an action on Tasks that has been assigned to them by the first category, users can dispute Tasks if it was not in their scope of work or resolve Tasks if they are entitled to, e.g. My team (workers), subcontractors and maintenance.

Also, users have access to the project and platform contacts list which will be beneficial in order to ease collaboration and correspondence in the project.

Creating an account is extremely simple with Rawfor, you just need to sign up using the sign up button at the main page.

Once you do, you will register your details, up to 5 users from your own team, subcontractors or maintenance teams, and your first project all under 10 minutes, how great!

Project owner Role allows users to take control of the project, that is because they can assign other registered users into their roles.

Project owner can open, reopen and close Tasks. In addition to that, users have access to project and platform directories which enables them to access information about other users, assign users and print reports.

With all data collected through rawfor, users in this category can manage and print out Tasks report that could be used for record keeping, collaboration and correspondence across project's stakeholders.

Example of Project owner role users: Client, Construction/Project Manager and Property/Facility/Hotel Hotel Manager.

Inspectors have similar roles to project owners, except they can not assign new users to their roles. apart from this the inspector can open, reopen and close Tasks and assign them to specified trade to finish the job.

examples of inspector's role: site managersite formansite engineer, Building Manager, client representative

Trade Role allow users to Resolve or Dispute Tasks, once the project owner/Inspector assigns them to the project and then tag them for a job that needs to be redone, then only the user have access to the Task and can place his action on. Other features users in this view have, is the ability to have access to platform directory of users within the same project and have the ability print reports for the trade the user represents only.
Example of Trade role users: subcontractors, Maintenance team and your team (the ones who aren't able to open issues or tasks)

in order to add a task you must belong to the project owner & inspector view. Once you select a project, the dashboard will appear that contains all tasks registered with the specified project. to add a task on your mobile app, you simply need to press the (+) button at the bottom of the page then you need set the location, attach a photopin on unit plan, write your description and finally set the due date.

Once the project owner or inspector users add a task or a defect, instant notification will appear on the assigned trade to do the job within a limited timeline. the trade Role user can enter the task details and resolve the issue by simply clicking on the status icon.

he can also attach a photo showing the work is done and write his reply in the comment section of the task.

Once you created your list of tasks, use the web app to create filtered reports.

use the action bar on the top right side of the web page and filter your tasks per location, date range, status and/or trade.

Once you do so, click filter at the bottom of the action bar, once you filtered the results, simply click on create PDF report and choose whether you want the list of issues, their details or both.

User Manuals

Have a look at our user Manuals to have a deep overview of the product, explaining roles, statuses and functionality

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