How it Works

Below is a quick walkthrough to make the best of Rawfor, whether you are a Main Contractor, Subcontractor or Property Manager, this is for you.

Work Process

As a user, you will need to register yourself, add the team and setup your first project to use Rawor

User Registration

Once you click on the Signup button below, you will be redirected to the registration page, which will specify which industry are you, and to know a bit about yourself.

Add the Team

within the same page, you will be asked to add your team, remember that you have got up to 5 users for the free version. The team could be employees from your company, Subcontractors, Maintenance or mix of them.

Setup your first Project

Once You are done with the team, we will ask you to provide simple parameters for your first project, things like whether your project is a house or a building, single or multiple and floor and unit details.

Setup Done

Once you submit the form, your job is done, Rawfor team will setup the project for you based on the parameters you entered, invite users to join, and let you know when is everything set (usually 2-3 business days)

Welcome to Rawfor

Once we let you know that everything is ready, you will have a username and password to access your first project. you need to download Rawfor app from apple store or Google Play, and use the login tab at the main page for the web app access.

Start adding Tasks, Defects and issues

use your mobile app to create your first task on your project, identify the location (building, floor and unit) which trade is the task assigned to (ex: subcontractor, client, your team) pin the location on the plan and set up a due date for the task.

Monitor progress, change status and create reports

Once you created your list of tasks, use the web and mobile apps to monitor tasks progress. Edit, add photo or a comment and change the status of the task as you go. Create filtered reports based on location, trade, status and date.

Free, Forever

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