Made for Building Managers

Control multiple facilities and make sure they operate at the highest levels of quality

Building Maintenance with ease

Send tasks directly to your maintenance team. They can respond and action using their mobile phones

Connect Everyone

Rawfor brings everyone on one platform: your team, maintenance crew, and others

Tenants maintenance requests

Allow tenants to report problems in their units, you will be able to assign to the building maintenance team

Create reports in seconds

Create beautiful reports filtered per trade, location, date, status and many more!

Problem-free Buildings

To make sure your building remains trouble-free, it is important you use the right tools to maintain it.

Manage all your Maintenance teams and tenants with ease using Rawfor

Manage you Hotel with ease

Expedite your daily Check up, send issues and tasks to your team within seconds, and follow up instantly so that your Guests feel at home!

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